How to Use a Turtle Wax Black Box

by Amanda Goldfarb

Black car paint can make many vehicles look sleek and stylish. However, black paint also requires tedious upkeep. Dirt, dust and water spots are visible against the stark black contrast. Frequent washing and hand drying is necessary to properly maintain the car's exterior. The Turtle Wax Black Box combines a specially formulated black-tinted preparatory product, wax and spray to help bring out the shine in your black vehicle. Black Box products can restore shine to new and old finishes alike. Application is a simple process that uses a numbered system for ease.

Wash the car using a non-spotting car wash. For best results, Turtle Wax recommends the use of their Ice brand of washing products.

Dry the car using a lint-free cloth. The car needs to be completely dry for the Black Box contents to properly adhere to the vehicle.

Apply the Pre-Wax Cleaner & Conditioner labeled in the box as "Step 1" to the provided applicator. Working in sections, rub the applicator back and forth over the surface of the vehicle. Let the Pre-Wax Cleaner & Conditioner dry to a haze.

Spray the Black Spray Detailer onto a folded micro-fiber cloth. Rub the cloth over the entire surface of the vehicle using a back and forth motion until you have removed the haze.

Apply the Black Carnauba Blend Wax to the applicator. Apply the wax to the vehicle in sections using a back and forth motion. Again, let dry to a haze.

Mist a fresh micro-fiber cloth with Black Spray Detailer. Buff the surface of the vehicle to a high, glossy shine.

Wash hands with soap and warm water following use to prevent skin irritation.


  • check Gloves may be worn to protect sensitive skin.
  • check The Black Box products work best when the car is cool to the touch.
  • check If using a buffer, set to1500 RPMs or max speed. Apply about ½ to 1 oz. to pad and spread.

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