How to Use a Plug-In Car Charger

by Kallie Johnson

A plug-in car charger plugs into the cigarette lighter outlet, also known as a power takeoff, of a vehicle to provide power to or to recharge an electronic device. Most small, portable electronic products, such as cell phones, GPS units, portable DVD players and MP3 players come with compatible plug-in car charger cords. This allows for you to charge or power the product while on the go.

Remove the cigarette lighter from your vehicle's cigarette lighter outlet.

Insert the plug-in car charger into the cigarette lighter outlet.

Plug the outlet on the other end of the car charger into the power jack on the item to be charged.

Turn the vehicle on. Depending on the manufacturer, model and year of vehicle you own, the cigarette lighter adapter may provide enough power to charge the electronic outlet without the car being powered on; however, the majority of vehicles need to be turned on to keep the electronic device from potentially draining the car's battery.

Remove the car charger from the outlet and the electronic product when charging is complete or you are exiting the vehicle.

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