How to Use Overdrive Transmission in a Ford

by Allen Moore

Ford overdrive transmissions essentially have an extra gear that allows for heightened performance and fuel economy at higher speeds. When the transmission shifts into overdrive, the engine RPMs (revolutions per minute) fall, which means the engine doesn’t have to work as hard and it has more power held in reserve. Anyone who is capable of driving a car safely can operate a Ford overdrive transmission properly.


Shift the transmission into overdrive after safely pulling out of your parking space.


Drive as you normally would, and leave the transmission in overdrive unless you encounter a steep hill.


When you begin to climb a hill, shift down to the gear just below overdrive—in some vehicles this is second gear, in others third gear. Leaving the transmission in the overdrive gear while climbing a hill puts undue strain on the transmission and can result in a transmission overheat situation, which will land your car in the repair shop.


Shift back into overdrive when you have completed your hill climb.

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