How to use Kitty Hair Fiberglass

by Heather Finch

Kitty Hair can be used to rebuild broken fiberglass and reinforce damaged or rusted sheet manual. Kitty Hair uses long strands which are stronger and more resilient than short strands of fiberglass. Rustproof and waterproof, it can be used on rigid plastics, aluminum, bare or galvanized steel, wood, concrete and plaster. Before using Kitty Hair, you should consult the safety information provided as a link. This article will explain how to use Kitty Hair Fiberglass.


Prepare the surface you would like to repair by cleaning it to remove wax, grease, oil and dirt. Remove paint using sandpaper. Allow surface to dry.


Place enough Kitty Hair on your mixing board to cover the repair. Add enough cream hardener to equal 2 percent of the weight of Kitty Hair, or about one ribbon across a 4-inch pool of Kitty Hair.


Mix the Kitty Hair with the cream hardener until it is all one color. Allow to set for 5 minutes. Apply the mixture to the surface, using force to get it into crack or holes.


Allow to set for 15 minutes. Sand the surface down so it achieves your desired shape.

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