How to Use Jet Dry for Mobile Detailing

by Chester Rockwell
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Jet Dry is a dishwashing additive that serves as a rinsing agent. Adding a full cap to your car wash solution when you're detailing your vehicle can help making the drying process easier and faster. In small doses, the addition of Jet Dry can bring a lustrous shine to your paint and help the water glide off the surface faster when you are rinsing your automobile.

Step 1

Pour the vehicle washing soap into your washing bucket and then pour a cap-full of Jet Dry on top of it.

Step 2

Introduce water into the bucket and mix it in with the soap and Jet Dry mixture until a generous froth has been created. As is the case with car wash soap, you should not let the Jet Dry and car wash soap solution dry on your car. Rinse it off after you have cleaned all of the body panels.

Step 3

Wash and rinse your auto as you normally would. Use a cotton terry towel or a chamois to mop up any remaining water from the surface of your vehicle.

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