Why Use Iridium Spark Plugs?

by Ben Sellars

Iridium spark plugs make use of the latest advances in manufacturing to make a spark plug for automotive applications that is better than anything previously available. The characteristics of iridium make a spark plug with better wear and heat resistance for improved ignition.


A periodic table of the elements compiled by the University of California, describes iridium as being very hard and the most corrosion-resistant metal known.


Iridium spark plugs have electrodes tipped with iridium. The hardness of iridium allows the tip to be made smaller requiring less energy to create a more intense spark. A high melting point means iridium tips last longer.

Fun Fact

Because of its high corrosion resistance, iridium was used to make the metal bar that is the standard for the meter, used in the metric system to measure length.


Spark plugs with iridium tips have been available since the 1960’s for aircraft and industrial engines, although they were very expensive. Recent advances in manufacturing allow them to be made cheaply enough for automotive use.


Iridium spark plugs are available for all automotive applications and are commonly the spark plug used by original equipment manufacturers.

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