How to Use Front Defrost and Windshield Wipers on a Car

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The front defrost or windshield wipers may seem like trivial things, but they're actually important features. They can even save your life if you're driving in a heavy rain or snowstorm. You need to be familiar with the control mechanisms and know how to use them.

Locate your front defrost mechanism. This feature is useful for clearing up your front window in unfavorable conditions such as snow or rain. The insignia for the front window defrost looks just like the front window. The one for the back window looks just like the back window; these features normally have three settings: low, medium and high.

Push the switch once for the back defrost. You have two gadgets to help you operate the front defrost. This feature is important as it helps keep the windshield and back window clear from fog and keeps humidity from building up inside. Moreover, you can use it to melt ice or snow on the glass.

Keep in mind that to defrost the windows, you need to use heat. To defog the windows, turn on the air conditioner and the heat at the same time. Most cars allow you to do this. It takes hot air to defrost a window and dry air to defog it. The only way you can get dry air is by using the air conditioner.

Identify your windshield wiper mechanism. The first setting is delay. The second is continuous and the third setting is fast. It only contains three notches. Make sure to use this feature gently. This is important because if anything breaks, repairs are expensive.

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