How to Update a Cadillac Navigation System

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski
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Many Cadillac vehicles are equipped with a navigation system. Because points of interests, such as restaurants, hotels and gas stations change, the navigation system requires an update from time to time. In addition, roads may change due to closings and new construction. There is no specific navigation update interval; instead, GM periodically issues update discs. When these discs become available, you can purchase them and update your navigation system.

Step 1

Order the latest Cadillac navigation system update disc. You can purchase the disc from a Cadillac dealer or from GM's online navigation update website. Find a link in Resources.

Step 2

Make sure you have time to update the navigation system. The update takes about three hours. The engine must be running, so make sure you have enough fuel and the vehicle is in a well ventilated area.

Step 3

Start the engine and power on the navigation system. Press the "Load" button to open the screen, exposing the disc slot. Insert the disc into the slot with the label up.

Step 4

Wait for the disc to load, and then press the "Update" button when it appears on the screen.

Step 5

Enter the authentication code that came with your navigation update disc. Press "Enter" to begin the update process.

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