How to Update the Audi MMI

by Chester Rockwell
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The Audi Multimedia Interface, or MMI, is the interactive system that drivers can use to interact with the car's interior settings including climate control, stereo settings, and GPS navigation. Audi MMI is not available on every model, but is an option on many newer Audi models. Since its introduction, the MMI system has received iterative software upgrades to improve its performance and resolve bugs in the software. Updating the MMI system is an easy procedure that takes just a few minutes of your time.

Step 1

Turn your Audi on so that the MMI interface is automatically activated.

Step 2

Insert the the first update disc into your Audi's CD player.

Step 3

Select "Setup" using the MMI navigation knob, then press the "Return" button on the MMI navigation knob. Keep the selections depressed for approximately five seconds until the update menu appears on the MMI screen.

Step 4

Select "Swupdate" using the MMI knob, then select "CD-ROM" when the menu prompts you for the update source.

Step 5

Select "Yes" at the next menu prompt to begin the MMI update process. Depending on what version of MMI software you have and are upgrading to, there may be additional menu prompts during the update process that you will have to address, so stay inside your vehicle and follow the automatic update process on the MMI display.

Step 6

Complete the installation of the first MMI update disc and insert additional update discs as required by the version of MMI to which you are updating.

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