How to Unclog a Grey Water Drain Field

by Amy Sutton

Greywater is the water that is left over from activities such as washing dishes, laundry and taking a bath. This water is wastewater but contains no feces, like blackwater from a toilet does. Greywater travels to the septic tank with other waste and wastewater but then travels out of the septic tank and into a greywater drain field. Just like with other plumbing, greywater drain fields can become blocked and need to be unclogged.

Step 1

If your greywater leach field becomes clogged, pour 1 quart of septic cleaner directly into the drain field on the first day of treatment.

Step 2

Add 1/2 cup of septic cleaner to the drain field two times a week for approximately six weeks.

Step 3

Dilute 1/2 cup of septic cleaner with enough water to pour some down each of the drains in the house. Pour the mixture down the drains once per week to maintain lines and keep them and the drain field clog-free.

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