Types of Silver Car Window Tinting

by Nikki Van De Walle
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Automotive window tinting or films are more than a style choice. Tinting slows heat absorption, causing your vehicle to heat up slower in the sun and allows you to use your air conditioner less often. Most silver or metalized window tint features 99 percent ultraviolet ray protection. Other tinting options also offer ultraviolet ray protection at a lesser percent. Window tinting comes in a variety of brands and tint percentages, which affects the overall performance.


Solutia manufacturers seven series of LLumar brand automotive window tint. The LLumar Platinum Plus series offers two options for silver reflective films. The Silver Neutral PP 18 features 17 percent visible light transmission, 65 percent total solar energy rejection, 99 percent Ultraviolet ray rejection, 81 percent glare reduction and 18 percent visible light reflection, according to Solutia. The other option in the platinum series is the Silver Neutral PP 35. This film features 37 percent visible light transmission, 52 percent total solar energy rejection, 99 percent ultraviolet ray rejection, 59 percent glare reduction and 18 percent visible light reflection. The Platinum Plus series is the only LLumar series that offers a silver tinting option. The other tints are available in black, charcoal, neutral, blue, bronze and clear.


Johnson Window Films manufactures 10 series of automotive window tints. Johnson's Flash series is available in two silver options. Johnson Flash tints are metal and dye constructed with a "metalized polyester film on top of a dyed polyester coat," states the firm. The tints have a CST scratch-resistant hardcoat, and include manufacturer's warranty. The FS 65 allows 67 percent visible light transmission, 34 percent solar energy rejection, 12 percent visible light reflectance, 33 percent solar absorption and 26 percent glare reduction. The FS 55 allows 57 percent visible light transmission, 46 percent solar energy rejection, 19 percent visible light reflectance, 39 percent solar absorption and 37 percent glare reduction. Both films block 99 percent of harmful UV rays and reject heat. The Flash series from Johnson Window Films also offers two blue and one green window tint option.

Solar Gard

Solar Gard manufactures eight different series of automotive window films. The Solar Gard Quantum Performance series is available in five options. The Quantum Performance series window tint is an all-metal tint made with exotic metals, such as titanium, stainless steel, silver, aluminum and other alloys, according to Solar Gard. The Quantum Performance films reject 99 percent of ultraviolet rays, glare reduction and high color stability with a limited lifetime warranty. The Quantum Performance tint has a total solar energy rejection between 41 and 61 percent, varying by model, as well as 13 to 50 percent of total visible light transmittance and between 10 and 17 percent visible light reflectance.

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