Types of Boat Docks

by Kyla Chele Cambrooke
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If you live along water and have a watercraft, you may be thinking of installing a boat dock. When comparing boat docks, consider your future boating plans as well as the type of watercraft you currently own. Also consider the strongest waves and the most extreme water level variations the dock will have to endure.

Wheeled Boat Docks

A wheeled boat dock has wheels along the side of the unit. Removing the wheeled boat dock from the water typically is not difficult. If the place where you plan to install a boat dock accumulates lots of ice, and freezes over frequently, a wheeled boat dock might be your choice. Places with a secure and firm lake bottom and a gradual slope or shallow water work well with wheeled boat docks.

Floating Docks

Floating docks work well in locations where the water level fluctuates and the water is deep. Typically, floating docks stay in the water throughout the years. Many are preconfigured, and docks are available for a variety of water depths. This type of dock can be found in a variety of shapes, including "I", "L", "T", "U" and "H." You can use cable, sea anchors, ramp or stiff arms to anchor a floating boat dock. Look for a floating dock protected by UV inhibitors against rust, fading or discoloration.

Stationary Boat Docks

Some may refer to a stationary boat dock as a "standing" or "fixed" boat dock. Stationary boat docks hold up well in areas where rugged water situations occur. The waves flow through the supports of a stationary boat dock unit. It is an adequate unit to install if the water levels are consistent.

Construction & Accessories

Some docking systems come already assembled. Others are delivered unassembled, and you must set them up. Manufacturers make boating docks from a variety of materials, such as aluminum and cedar. Some boating docks have rails to hold on to while walking or standing. Accessories available for boat docking systems include corner wheel bumpers, solar lights and a dock ladder.

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