What Type of Oil Do You Put in a Kazuma 110 Falcon ATV?

by Chris Gilliland
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Kazuma's Falcon 110 ATV was designed to be the first step in teaching a young rider to operate and control an all-terrain vehicle. This, however, does not mean it is a toy, as this ATV will require an oil change after the first 30 minutes of usage, then after every 15 hours or continuous usage. Kazuma recommends the usage of SAE 10W-40 engine oil in the Falcon, but care must be taken to use an oil made specifically for motorcycle engines.

The Importance of Engine Oil

Oil is the most essential fluid used by the Falcon 110's engine. The oil is responsible for lubricating and cooling the engine's internal parts by reducing friction to a minimum. Additionally, contaminants and debris within the engine's crankcase is swept away, where it will be caught by the magnetic tip on the ATV's drain plug. Engine oil has a tendency to break down and lose its ability to lubricate over time, allowing friction to build up and wear away at the engine's components.

Motorcycle Oil vs. Automotive Oil

Conventional wisdom would state that engine oil is engine oil and that any 10W-40 mix from the local auto parts store will work in a Kazuma Falcon 110's engine. The truth is that automotive oil will create problems for you down the road. Almost every automotive oil on the market contains friction-modifying additives, which are beneficial for their applications since a car's clutch and engine are separate units. Motorcycle and ATV engines, however, also enclose their clutch and transmissions within the engine crankcase, bathing the clutch in the engine oil. These additives will cause the clutch to slip and reduce the ATV's reliability. Conversely, motorcycle-grade oil does not contain additives and will not harm the clutch.

Weather and Oil Viscosity

For most riding conditions, the recommended 10W-40 oil will be more than adequate to lubricate the ATV's engine. As temperatures drop below 30º Fahrenheit, a thinner -- less viscous -- 5W-40 oil should be used to help the engine operate properly until it is warmed up to operating temperature. Likewise, a thicker 20W-40 oil should be used in hotter climates with temperatures exceeding 100ºF.

Oil Change Procedures

Changing the oil on a Kazuma Falcon 110 ATV is relatively simple and requires only a socket wrench, a 17 mm socket, a torque wrench, oil catch pan and a few rags. Start the ATV and let it idle in place for three minutes to warm the oil supply. Stop the engine, then unscrew the drain plug from the bottom of the engine, using your socket wrench and 17 mm socket. Drain the oil into your drain pan until the oil flow reduces to a drip. Clean off the drain plug tip, then screw it into the engine by hand before tightening it to 18 foot-pounds with your torque wrench. Pour a full quart of oil into the engine through the filler neck on the right side of the engine and you are done.

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