What Type of Freon Do I Use in My F-150?

by James PriceUpdated July 26, 2023
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Type of Freon

Late-model Ford F-150s use R-134a freon for their air conditioning systems. Cars began using R-134a to replace R-12 in the early 1990s. R-12 was replaced due to the fact that it was extremely damaging to the ozone, and R-134a has become a much more economically friendly option.

Proper Filling

Be sure to follow the proper steps for adding refrigerant to your F-150, as adding too much or too little can severely damage your a/c system and can damage your a/c clutch or compressor. Such damage can cost hundreds of dollars to repair and can mean being without your truck for some time. If you must do it yourself, ensure that you purchase a can of refrigerant that comes with a gauge, or get a gauge with it.


When adding freon to your F-150, the most important thing to remember is that the amount of freon in the system is not what makes the air blow cold but rather the system pressure. Adding too much freon will not make the system blow colder, and adding less will not decrease the temperature. Having too much or too little freon can actually prevent your a/c clutch from engaging.


Often the reason for low freon levels in your truck can be due to a leak in the a/c system. It is strongly suggested that before adding freon, you obtain the proper materials to test your system for leaks. If there are leaks, adding freon will do no good for your system, and you can still cause damage if the leaks aren't fixed. Lack of moisture and "ozone" in your system is essential to your a/c system running properly.

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