How to Turn on Car Headlights

by Diana Prince

You have a responsibility when you get behind the wheel of a car not only for yourself and the people in your own car, but also for others on the road. The headlights are basically the eyes of a vehicle and are designed to shine light on the road ahead of the car to ensure you always have a clear, lit view while driving. According to, on the standard car a headlamp system provides the high beams, which cast light straight ahead of the car and are used as the main headlights, and low beams, which direct light mainly downward and are used in rainy, foggy and snowy weather conditions--on the car. To stay safe while driving, you must learn how to turn on car headlights.

Find the headlight switch in the car. It should be located on the dashboard or on the turn signal switch.

Turn the headlight switch to the "On" setting.

Set the headlights to high beams or low beams, depending on the time of day and weather conditions.


  • check The method of turning on high beams and low beams varies on different models of car. Ensure you understand how to work the headlights in your car before driving.
  • check If the car headlights are not aligned properly, you may need to adjust them by loosening or tightening the adjustment screws on the headlights.


  • close Driving with a broken or missing headlight is not only illegal, but also dangerous.

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