How to Troubleshoot a Toyota Highlander Transmission

by Katebo
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The Japanese Toyota Highlander comes in a variety of SUV models, including V6, four-cylinder, SE and hybrid. You can learn how to troubleshoot a Toyota Highlander transmission in your own garage without needing any complicated tools to assess the problem. The job will only take an hour of your time and will help you to confidently assess the repair needs of your vehicle before you need to approach a professional mechanic.

Step 1

Check beneath the car. Look for a red dripping fluid signaling that the transmission is leaking. Make sure to find the source of the leak and that it's not a faulty pan gasket or a filler tube leak.

Step 2

Check the transmission filler tube for drips caused by overfilling, a soiled filter or a malfunctioning vent.

Step 3

Examine the transmission fluid to see if it looks off. If it is not red but instead has a black or murky look or a burnt smell, this could be from low transmission fluid or overheating in the transmission. .

Step 4

Listen for high whining sounds coming from the engine when it is running. This can also point to low transmission fluid levels or a soiled or plugged transmission filter that needs to be changed.

Step 5

Check the car's shifting to be sure it is functioning correctly. Low transmission fluid, gear shaft issues or even a plugged filter can cause struggling or jerkiness when you shift.

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