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How to Troubleshoot the Steering System in a Mazda6

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The Mazda 6 inspired a new generation of Mazdas, including the Mazda2 and 3, RX-8 and MX-5. Released in 2002 it reached the million sales mark faster than any other Mazda model. Keep your steering system in good shape with some basic troubleshooting basics.

Step 1

Pay attention to Mazda's maintenance schedule, making sure to service and inspect the steering operation and linkages every 30,000 miles. It never hurts to take your car to your dealer or a Mazda certified mechanic, even if you intend to do the brunt of the work yourself.

Step 2

Use ATF M-III, M-V, or equivalent (for example, Dexron II) to top off your power steering fluid. Make sure the fluid is clean and free of air. Double check for leaks and loose hose connections. If your steering wheel becomes less sensitive, check the fluid levels first.

Step 3

Check your front-end alignment, tires and brakes when your car begins to pull or your steering wheel begins to vibrate. Your tires should be balanced and the pressure even and your brakes . If your car bounces, you should check the shocks or shock mounts.

Step 4

See if the power steering belt is loose if your Mazda becomes hard to steer and your fluid is fine. Make sure the steering gear is lubricated and in working condition if that doesn't solve the problems. If the steering wheel takes more and more strength, especially when parking, check the box and the power steering pump.

Step 5

Look for signs of wear or poor lubrication in the steering linkage if the steering feels loose. You may simply need to tighten the connections. If the problem continues, you may need to adjust the steering box.

Step 6

Inspect the power steering lines for leaks if you loose power steering. Check the pump next and proceed to check the linkage if that doesn't correct the problem.

Correct pulling to one side by checking the brakes and steering linkage. You should also check the linkage if the car wanders, as well as the springs and the wheel bearings.

Items you will need

  • ATF M-III, M-V, or equivalent

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