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How to Troubleshoot the Steering System in a Honda CR-V

by Contributor

Honda introduced the CR-V, the compact crossover SUV, in 1996 using the Civic as its model. You can keep on top of steering system repairs in your CRV by following a few simple troubleshooting guidelines, and save yourself some money on repair bills.

Step 1

Eliminate linkage, lubrication, fluid and tires before you look for more expensive repairs. If your mechanic suggests an expensive repair but doesn't discuss these as a possibility, try another mechanic.

Step 2

Inspect and service the tie rod ends, steering gear box and boots every 10,000 miles. This may seem more frequent than for most cars, but the extra wear on the family vehicle warrants the extra precautions. Make sure the linkage components are in good condition and properly lubricated.

Step 3

Start troubleshooting with the tires. Rotate and balance the tires at least every 10,000 miles and keep the pressure even. Replace worn tires two at a time and make sure the lug nuts are tight. Tire condition and wheel alignment cause a number of steering problems, from steering wheel vibration to excessive veering and pulling.

Step 4

Check the power steering fluid level every 20,000 miles. Low or contaminated steering fluid can cause the power steering to fail and make the wheel hard to turn. Use Honda Power steering fluid V or S, and check for leaks and loose connections.

Step 5

Correct continued hard steering by checking the power steering pump pressure. You may need to repair or replace the pump. You should also check the front end for bent or damaged parts.

Step 6

Fix loose steering and veer by adjusting or replacing wheel bearings, replacing the shocks or servicing the ball joints. You should also check the front end for worn or bent parts.

Look at your brakes if your car continues to pull in one direction. You could have a stuck caliper, excessive friction or a warped drum.

Items you will need

  • Honda Power steering fluid V or S

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