How to Troubleshoot an Oldsmobile Alero

by Alibaster Smith

The Oldsmobile Alero was a mid-sized sedan introduced by the Oldsmobile division of General Motors in 1998. The car was produced until 2004. During this time, several common problems with the Alero became apparent. Some of the problems centered around the fuel system while other problems had to do with the steering and vehicle acceleration-related components. If you've owned your Alero for any length of time, you may be experiencing some of these problems.

Check for any fuel leaks or a decrease in fuel economy. The Alero suffers from a faulty fuel pressure regulator. The O-ring in the regulator is typically either missing or damaged. The regulators are manufactured by Delphi for the Alero. This problem is covered under a manufacturer's recall. You can have this issue fixed for free by calling 877-411-8770.

Rev your Alero's accelerator pedal. Check for pedal feel and "stick." Some Aleros made after 2002 have problems with the accelerator pedal sticking. Due to the design of the pedal arm, the accelerator may get stuck on the accelerator arm bracket. This issue is covered by a GM factory recall regardless of whether or not you are the original owner of your Alero. Take your Alero to a GM dealership to have it fixed at no charge.

Check the steering wheel for tightness and to make sure it is secure on the steering shaft. Pull the steering wheel back and forth to make sure the wheel is secure. Also, check to make sure that when you turn the wheel, they move with the steering wheel. Some Oldsmobile Alero steering assemblies made in 1999 were assembled improperly. The center retaining nut on the steering wheel might not have been tightened properly. The wheel could suddenly come loose (coming off the steering shaft) and cause a loss of steering ability. This issue is covered by a factory recall. A GM dealership will fix this problem free of charge under the recall.

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