How to Troubleshoot Fuses on a 2002 Chevy Tahoe

by Brooke Julia

Fuses supply electrical current to many parts of your 2002 Chevy Tahoe. While the alternator and battery are the primary sources of electricity, the fuses act as delivery systems. Fuses come in different current strengths. A fuse that is too weak to handle the electrical current passing through it will break, causing an interruption in the flow and thereby a problem with whatever component the fuse was delivering electricity to. The malfunction is likely to be minor, such as the dash lights not working or the radio not coming on.


Locate the fuse panels on your 2002 Chevy Tahoe. The main panel is inside the car, on the side of the dash next to the steering wheel under a plastic cover. The secondary fuse panel is under the hood on the driver's side, again usually under a cover.


Pull the fuses, either with your fingers or with the plastic fuse puller inside the fuse panel. Inspect each fuse for obvious breaks. Replace any broken fuses with new fuses of an appropriate gauge. The diagram on the back of the panel cover shows which gauge of fuse is needed for each fuse location and what that fuse supports.


Use a fuse tester to check the fuses. Ground the tester to a neutral metal, such as a bolt or metal plate. Turn the key in the ignition and press the tip of the tester to each metal end of the fuses. If the bulb of the tester fails to light, the fuse is broken and needs to be replaced.


Check the fuses with a multimeter. A multimeter is a multi-purpose tool that tests the voltage in electrical components, such as the battery and alternator. Ground the multimeter, turn the key in the ignition to the "On" position and touch the end to each fuse in turn. If the multimeter shows no reading, the fuse is broken and needs to be replaced.


  • close Each fuse has two metal points to check. Do not skip any as one end will still light up even on a broken fuse.

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