How to Troubleshoot a Ford F-150

by Alibaster Smith

The Ford F-150 is one of the most popular trucks on the road. Over time, you should expect things to break on the truck, and regular maintenance is important. However, there are a few issues specific to the F-150 series that you should troubleshoot before having them fixed, as they are not part of a regular maintenance program. Fortunately, all of the issues are covered by a factory recall.

Check to see if your F-150 is modified by Roush to run on liquid propane injection. Roush is recalling F-150s with this modification because the hydrocarbon paper secured to the inside of the air cleaner box may become dislodged during normal operation. To fix this problem, contact Roush at (866) 307-6788.

Check your fuel filter brand name. Some fuel filters made after 2005 by Purolator that were made for the F-150 had a faulty quick connect mechanism. Because of this, the fuel filter won't seat properly causing a fuel leak. If an ignition source is present, the fuel could catch fire, causing the F-150 to catch fire. Any faulty filters can be replaced by calling (800) 230-5876.

Check your F-150 for the optional tow package. The Cequent 90-degree, seven-way right angle adapters sold after 2005 had a faulty wiring design. The lights on whatever you are towing won't light up properly. This component must be replaced by a Ford dealership.

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