How to Troubleshoot the Electrical System in a Lincoln Navigator

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If you want a spacious and luxurious SUV, then you want a Lincoln Navigator. Lincoln's entry into the SUV market has done fairly well, but beware. It's a power hog. You're probably going to see your share of electrical problems. Get to know your electrical system, including where to find the fuse boxes.

Explore your speed control system if you own a Lincoln Navigator from the year 2000 to 2002. Lamp modifications, wiring and other electrical accessories can affect the speed control system. Examine the speed control cable, connection to the throttle body and accelerator cable for problems. Your dealer can run diagnostics to pinpoint the problem.

Stay calm if you have a 2002 Navigator with a reverse sensing system (RSS) that beeps at nonexistent obstacles when you drive in reverse. Both the RSS and the forward sensing system (FSS) are only supposed to sound a warning if there is an obstacle within six feet of your SUV. Part of the problem is that the sensor can't distinguish between real objects and sensor-fooling dust or smudges. Try cleaning dirt or anything obscuring the sensor off of it. If this doesn't help, consider replacing the sensing sensor.

Replace the suspension control module if your air-suspension check-suspension light comes on, and you can see no difficulties with your Lincoln.

Get a new battery saver relay if your SUV's courtesy functions don't work with the key off.

Consider an alternator problem if you replace your battery and you still have many electrical accessories that don't work.

Search for Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs) from the Office of Defects Investigation (ODI) with the Department of Transportation. This searchable database can help you search for bulletins about your year of the Lincoln Navigator. The bulletin will provide you with more information, including recall numbers that you might need to get the problem fixed.

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