How to Troubleshoot the Electrical System in a Geo Tracker

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The Geo Tracker was a cute little SUV with a 9-year run that ended in 1997. You'll still find the occasional Tracker breezing down the road, though. The Tracker owner has the additional challenge of finding parts for a discontinued model, not to mention locating someone who can work on the Tracker's electrical system when problems arise.

Follow the source when lights come on the dash. First check for fuses that need replacing, and then verify that wires and connectors are in good condition and where they're supposed to be.

Correct a check engine light by cleaning the intake manifold to EGR pipe. Watch for any holes that shouldn't be there.

Reset your Geo's service reminder light that comes on every 50,000 miles by removing the speaker left of the steering wheel. You'll find a switch behind the speaker to flip.

Replace a problematic turn signal/headlight switch with a combination signal light/wiper/4way button switch found in auto parts stores. Some enterprising owners have also found the part in auto salvage yards. You'll have to remove the steering wheel and cowling to get to the switch.

Check for other potential electrical problems before you replace your starter or battery for starting problems. Find out if the alternator is charging the battery. If not, check all connections and remove corrosion. You can also try to locate a huge amp draw with an amp meter. Some device may be taking all your battery power.

Look for a short in the power wire for the ignition coil if your ignition coil meter fuse repeatedly blows when you start your Geo Tracker. If the wire isn't the problem, try replacing the ignition coil.

Get codes for electrical problems on a 1995 Geo Tracker by using a jumper wire on the small plug near the battery. Remove the front dash speaker to flip a switch. Turn on your ignition and look for codes to flash where your check engine light is.

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