How to Troubleshoot the Electrical on a Cadillac DeVille

by Alibaster Smith

The electrical system on the Cadillac DeVille is extensive, thanks to the long line of accessories that are built into the car. Thankfully, the DeVille also employs an substantial fuse panel that helps to minimize damage to electrical components caused by an electrical short. When you suspect that there is a problem with the electrical system on the Cadillac DeVille, you'll need to know how to properly troubleshoot the system before making any repairs.


Open the fuse panel cover under the steering wheel (below the steering column) on the DeVille. To do this, turn the knob on the fuse cover counterclockwise and pull the panel down.


Pull each fuse on the fuse panel, using the fuse pullers in the fuse panel, and make sure that there are no blown fuses. Replace any blown fuse with a new fuse of the same amperage.


Start the Cadillac's engine. See if a light in the shape of a battery comes on. If it does, this indicates a problem with the DeVille's alternator. You must have the alternator serviced, and possibly replaced. When the alternator fails on the DeVille, it is normally due to a faulty voltage regulator on the alternator. If this is the case, you will need to have the entire alternator replaced.


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