How to Troubleshoot Car Problems For Free Online

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I have used these tools to save a lot of time and money when fixing my vehicle. This is also a great way to double check your mechanic, especially if he is a little shy of professional.

Write down what what is wrong with your car and when it happens. Try to write down feels, smells, sounds, and looks. Be as descriptive as possible and try to take note of exactly what happens when and how often.

Use these links for great auto troubleshooting guides: My favorite link is,S001/UserAction,viewSimpleDiagInfo/Parameters,info/getInTheZone.htm . This is a great free automobile troubleshooter provided by Autozone, a very reliable and well known auto parts store. also has a pretty good troubleshooting guide. You can find it here: Here is one more from professional mechanics: .

Try out all three if you need to. This will give you some idea of what kind of problems your car is having and how much they should be to fix.


  • check You can also buy mechanic books at the autoparts store to help your "mechanic" fix your car.

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