How to Troubleshoot the Air Conditioning in a Ford Taurus

by Editorial Team

Save yourself much time and money on costly auto repairs by learning to troubleshoot problems on your own. Air conditioning problems can sometimes be an easy fix.

Step 1

Adjust the air controls on the dashboard. If they seem to work properly, but have no effect on the air at all then a fuse will need to be replaced. In a Ford Taurus, the fuse box is located near the brakes below the steering wheel. Pry off the panel and replace fuse number 12 with a replacement fuse.

Step 2

Check the control panel next if the air conditioning controls do not work as they should. They should offer the right amount of resistance and click into place in the right spots.

Step 3

Find the control panel in a Ford Taurus by prying off the instrument trim panel on the front of the dash and find the control panel directly underneath it.

Step 4

Turn the air conditioning on full blast. Listen for the accompanying sound of the blower motor. If the sound does not increase with increased air or there is no sound at all then the blower motor will need to be replaced. It can be found under the trim panel of the dashboard on the passenger side if the car. Unscrew three retaining screws and pull the blower motor off the of its mount.

Step 5

Start the engine of the car and allow it to run while looking at the compressor. Look for obvious signs of malfunction. Touch both of the hoses attached to the compressor. The larger one should be cool, and the smaller hose should be warm but not painfully hot.

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