How to Troubleshoot a 1997 7.3 Power-Stroke Diesel

by Charles Poole

The 1997 7.3 Power Stroke Diesel is found in Ford trucks and SUVs made that year. If you can't get your 7.3-liter diesel to start, there are a few things that you should check over before calling a mechanic. You don't have to be a Ford technician to get your 7.3 working again. You can do it yourself with just a few tools and minimal knowledge of how the engine works.

Make sure that you have enough gas in your tank. Turn the ignition until the electrical panel lights up. Check over the fuel gauge to make sure that the tank is full. Fill the gas tank as needed.

Check the battery connections. The electricity from your battery helps turn the motor over. Make sure that the connections are tight. Tighten the connections with a pair of pliers if needed.

Change the fuel that is already in the tank. Seasonal fuel can has condensation in it. This water in the gas will cause misfires in your diesel motor. Change the fuel out with a siphon hose. Connect one end of the hose to an empty container. Connect the other end of the hose to your gas tank. Pump the fuel out and add fresh fuel as needed.

Check the starter connected to the engine. Jack the front of the vehicle up and locate the small black box under to the right of the engine. Have a friend crank the ignition. If you hear a clicking noise, the starter needs to be replaced.

Have a service technician check any leaks coming from the engine. Service technicians have onboard diagnostic machines that will be able to troubleshoot the leaks.

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