Toyota Tundra Idle Problems

by Tom Lutzenberger

Poor idling in a Toyota Tundra truck may result from a number of sources and not one predictable cause. Whatever the case, the problem can be frustrating until resolved, particularly when the truck dies out at a stop sign or when waiting with the engine in park. However, a few simple fixes can sometimes locate and solve the problem quickly.

Fuel Injectors/Throttle Body Plugged

Tundras have fuel injection rather than a carburetor, which provides frequent source of idle failure from either plugged-up fuel injector nozzles or a dirty throttle assembly. Both areas gunk up from the use of cheap gas. Using injector cleaner solution helps somewhat, but eventually a professional repair is required.

Spark Plug Check

One of the most basic areas of engine ignition includes the spark plugs. However, people rarely check them, not really knowing how to do so. Sparks wear out over time from constantly burning and need replacement. Usually, they get swapped out during a tune-up.

Dirty Intake

Air intake provides critical oxygen sources for the engine to use in the combustion process. If the intakes or the air filter are clogged and/or dirty, the truck engine idle will perform badly. However, the air filter can be easily exchanged with a new one on a regular basis.

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