Tire Specifications for the GM Kodiak

by Tim Plaehn
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The Chevrolet Kodiak was the medium-duty, conventional-cab line of trucks sold by General Motors along with the GMC Topkick. General Motors ceased production of the medium-duty line in 2009. The Kodiak came in a range of models: the C4500, C5500, C6500, C75 and C8500. The Kodiak was available in a wide range of load capacities, and the installed tires would be selected to meet the load requirements of the specific truck.

Kodiak Medium Duty Specs

The Kodiak medium-duty trucks are defined by their gross vehicle weight rating, GVWR. The GVWR is the maximum legal weight for a truck, fully loaded. The GVWR of an individual truck is determined by the installed axle, frame strength and tires. The C4500 was available in ratings of 16,500 and 17,500 pounds. The C5500 has a rating of 19,500 pounds. The C6500 usually was rated to the non-CDL (commercial drivers license) limit of 26,000 pounds. A C7500 would have a GVWR of either 26,000 pound. or 33,000 pounds. A C8500 would have a tandem drive axle and a GVWR range of 46,000 to 64,000 pounds. The Kodiak will have a single tire mounted on the front axle and dual tires on the rear axles.

C4500 and C5500 Tires

The C4500 and C5500 would have 19.5-inch diameter wheels with tires in the size of 245/70R19.5, having a load rating of G. This tire size has a maximum load capacity of 4,940 pounds for single mount, and 4,675 pounds when mounted as dual wheels. The lightest GVWR C4500s could come with 225/70R19.5 tires, load range F. These tires have load capacities of 3640 pounds, single, and 3,415 pounds, dual.

C6500 Tires

The C6500 Kodiak could be configured as a low-profile truck with 19.5-inch wheels or with a standard configuration and 22.5-inch diameter wheels. The low-profile C6500 would in most cases be shod with 245/70R19.5 tires having a load capacity of G. The base tire on 22.5 inch rims is the 10R22.5 size, load capacity F. This tire is rated to 5,205 pounds single and 4,940 pounds. dual. Often the factory installed C6500 tires would be upgraded to 11R22.5 or low-profile 295/75R22.5.

C7500 Tires

The C7500 would usually be mounted with 11R22.5 tires or 295/75R22.5 tires in load range G. Load capacities in both sizes for this load range are 6,175 pounds when mounted single. Tires sized 11R22.5 can support 5,840 pounds mounted dual, and 295/70R22.5 tires have a dual mount rating of 5,675 pounds. Michelin tires uses the tire size 275/80R22.5 as their low-profile offering for a 22.5 inch rim. Load capacities are the same as for other manufacturers' 295/75R22.5 tires.


The three-axle Kodiak C8500 will have the the same 11R22.5 or low-profile 22.5 load range G tires as the C7500 if the truck is meant for on-road or highway use. For off-road applications such as dump or garbage trucks, the tires would be upgraded to load range H. This tires have about a 1,000-pound load capacity extra above G-rated tires. Tires in the size 315/80R22.5 may be mounted on a front axle with a rating above 12,000 pounds.

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