How to Test Voltage Regulators

by Carl Pruit

Voltage regulators are a good tool to have around the house in order to verify whether an appliance or electrical outlet is putting out the needed power to operate. You can even test equipment like tractors, generators, power supplies, electronically operated toys and your own car battery. But how do you know if the voltage meter is working properly itself?

Connect the voltage meter to the contact poles of a vehicle battery. While a car is running in idle, the voltage should read between 12 and 13 volts.

Raise the idle of the engine by having someone slowly set on the gas pedal. Volts should raise to between 14 and 15 volts.

Watch the voltage meter and if the needle is jumping around, does not go above 12 volts or goes higher than 16 volts, your regulator is not working correctly.

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