How to Test a Car Power Steering Pump

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If you've recently replaced your car power steering pump, you need to know if it's functioning before taking your vehicle out for a spin. Testing your power steering pump after you've replaced it can prevent problems later.

Check the fluid levels of your vehicle first. Add power steering fluid if necessary before you proceed any further.

Connect the power steering pump and hose to the pressure gauge and shutoff valve. Fit the hose to the power steering pump correctly. Make sure the shutoff valve is open before test the power steering pump.

Idle the engine while turning the steering wheel all the way to the right and all the way to the left to release any air from the power steering pump.

Close the shutoff valve to check system pressure for about 5 seconds. If the shutoff valve is closed longer than 5 seconds, your power steering pump can overheat and this can cause damage to the pump itself.

Compare the pressure reading against the manufacturer's specifications. If the pressure is within limits, your power steering pump is working correctly and you're ready to roll.

Troubleshoot if the pressure reading is not the same as the manufacturers specifications. Consult the manual for your vehicle or for your power steering pump (if you just installed a new one) to determine the source of any further problems.


  • close Exercise caution before going under the hood of your vehicle while the vehicle is turned on. Take note of moving belts and any motion under the hood.

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