How to Test and Replace Air Charge Temperature Sensors

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The air charge temperature sensor senses the temperature of the air so it can know how much air to mix with the gasoline. If this is not working right, the car may stall when stopped or may hard to start. So to solve this problem, just follow the steps below.

To test an air charge temperature sensor, set the ohmmeter to the 20K scale. Connect the two leads to the terminals on the sensor. Breathe on the tip of the sensor. If no change is noticed, the sensor needs to be replaced.

To replace an air charge temperature sensor, tools needed are wrench set, regular blade screwdriver, liquid pipe thread sealant, and correct replacement air charge temperature sensor.

Always begin with a cool engine. Turn off electrical accessories and ignition. Locate the air charge temperature sensor. Use a service manual to help you locate it if you can't find it.

It may be necessary to remove the air duct or air cleaner assembly to access the air charge temperature sensors. Release the electrical tab on the sensor. Remove the old air charge temperature sensor from the vehicle. Compare old sensor to the new to ensure proper replacement.

Coat the new sensor threads with a liquid pipe thread sealant. Install the new air charge temperature sensor and tighten it securely. Inspect the electrical connector for signs of corrosion. Clean any corrosion. Reconnect the electrical connector to the sensor. Reinstall any components that were removed. That's it, you are now done.

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