How to Temporarily Fix a Power Steering Hose

by Nathan McGinty
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Power steering systems use a set of hydraulic hoses and a pump to make steering your vehicle easier. These systems are under a lot of pressure and can sometimes burst and cause a leak in one of the hoses. Fortunately, there are some quick repairs you can make to temporarily fix a power steering hose.

Step 1

Stop the car. Pull off to the side of the road. Put the gear in park and engage the emergency brake. For extra protection, chock the wheels by placing something behind them like a stone or block of wood.

Step 2

Identify the leak location. The power steering hose is usually located just behind the firewall in the engine compartment. It will be attached to the steering wheel column. Power steering fluid is either amber or pinkish in color. Have an assistant or helper slowly turn the wheel. You should be able to see steering fluid leaking out where the hole is as the the steering wheel is turned.

Step 3

Cut out the damaged portion of the hose with a pair of shears or scissors. Don't cut out too much, as you will need to reconnect these hoses.

Step 4

Take the damaged portion of the hose to a nearby auto repair shop. Use it to size a replacement coupling that fits inside the hose.

Step 5

Slide two hose clamps on the side of the hose attached to the steering column. Insert the coupling into this end. Position the hose clamps so that they are above the coupling. Tighten the clamps.

Step 6

Slide the two other hose clamps on the other side of the cut. Insert the coupling into the other hose so that the two are now connected. Position the hose clamps above the coupling as you did in Step 5 and tighten them.

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