How to Temporarily Fix Minor Radiator Leaks

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If you're just about to leave for work and see a small puddle of water car, you might need to fix a minor radiator leak before you can leave. Check to see where the leak is coming from. If it's from the radiator, read on for an emergency cure for the leaky radiator blues.

Find the location of the leak and decide how bad it is. If the leak is coming from hose, patch it with duct tape. It will hold for about a week or until you can get a replacement hose. If water is gushing out of the radiator and there's a big puddle around your car, rethink going to work.

Remove the radiator cap and add about a teaspoon or two of ground black pepper, if the leak is in the radiator itself. The pepper lodges in the hole and swells when the water hits it, expanding to fill the hole.

Close the radiator cap and fill the overflow container to the proper level.

Bring extra pepper in the car with you, as well as a jug or two of water. You may have to add additional pepper or water to the radiator. Make certain that it is cool before removing the cap.

Schedule an appointment with your mechanic if necessary. Be certain to tell him what temporary measures you took.


  • check The egg whites from 3to 4 eggs have also been known to help stop leaks. Use the same way as you do the pepper.


  • close Always make certain to have extra water in the car with you in the event the "quick fix" didn't take.

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