Technical Information for a Cushman Scooter Engine

by Mike Evans

Cushman Motor Works entered the engine business in 1901. Cushman Scooters were designed and manufactured in Lincoln, Nebraska, between 1936 and 1965. As of March 2011, Cushman is owned by Ransomes PLC.


Cushman scooters have used several different kinds of motors over the years. These include the Cub, the Husky, the Super Husky, the Eagle, the Silver Eagle and the Super Eagle. The Eagle is the most common type of engine used in Cushman scooters.


Horsepower differs depending on the type of engine used. Eagle engines are usually rated at 5 horsepower.

Spark Plugs

Spark plugs that have been used in Cushman scooter engines include Champion #7 and Champion 6M. A suitable substitute for either of these spark plugs is the Champion D-16, which is also appropriate for all later types of Cushman engine with the exception of those that have a tapered seat.


All Cushman engines are considered to be low-compression engines. They will run smoothly on 87-octane gasoline. Many Cushman scooter owners sometimes do not run their scooters for extended periods of time. This necessitates the use of quality gasoline that is highly stable, since leaving poor quality or unstable gasoline in a Cushman scooter tank for an extended period of time can cause it to become dark and smell stale. Using stale gasoline in your Cushman scooter is likely to cause performance problems.

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