Symptoms of a Bad Throttle on a Car

by Katina Blue

A vehicle's throttle determines how fast or slow it travels, how it accelerates after turning a corner and how fast it takes off when the gas pedal is pressed. There are several symptoms of a bad throttle on a car.

Acceleration Issues

If your vehicle's throttle is bad, it may not accelerate properly. You may notice that your vehicle hesitates or jerks, before picking up speed, when you hit the gas pedal.

Idling Problems

You may notice that your car's idling decreases when you try to stop accelerating, causing your vehicle to lose power and shut off. Your vehicle may idle roughly or low after you start it.

Stiff Gas Pedal

If your gas pedal sticks or does not release properly when you press your foot on it, your vehicle's throttle may be bad.

Other Symptoms

Your vehicle may burn more fuel than usual with a bad throttle. The "Check Engine" light may come on while you are driving. Also, you may notice a decline in the overall performance of your vehicle's engine.

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