Suzuki LT80 Specs

by Sam Grover
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The Suzuki LT80 is a four-wheel-drive all-terrain vehicle designed for children and smaller adults. Not only is it smaller to fit a younger person's frame, but it is also designed to be easier to operate -- there is no need to shift the vehicle, for example. Used versions of the Suzuki LT80 can cost less than $1,000.


The Suzuki LT80 has a two-stroke, single-cylinder engine, meaning there is only one piston and cylinder. Since it is two-stroke, it needs a mixture of oil and gas. The piston displaces 82 cc of oxygen and gas, and it is 1.9 inches in diameter by 1.7 inches long. It compresses gasoline at a 7.4:1 ratio, meaning that when the piston pushes fuel it divides its volume by 7.4 while increasing its density by the same amount. It starts with an electric starter.


The Suzuki LT80 is 56 inches long by 32 inches wide. Thirty-seven inches of its width are in its wheelbase, and it clears the ground by just more than 4 inches. The seat height is 25 inches, and the fuel tank can hold six gallons. The Suzuki LT80 weighs 220 pounds.

Other Specs

The front suspension is an independent, single A arm while the rear suspension is a unit swingaxle. Their respective travel distances are two and 2.3 inches. Both the front and rear brakes are drum brakes, and the transmission is a variable belt drive system, with a chain acting as the final drive connection.

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