Bearcat 454 Specs

by Lars Tramilton
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The Arctic Cat Bearcat 454 is an ATV that was put on the market toward the end of 1995. The Bearcat 454 was manufactured by Arctic Cat, which is a Thief River Falls, Minnesota based company that makes recreational vehicles such as ATVs, snowmobiles and watercraft. The Bearcat can accommodate up to two individuals at a time.


The Arctic Cat Bearcat 454 has a four-stroke, liquid cooled internal combustion engine. Four-stroke engines call for the completion of four different strokes, which are intake, compression, exhaust and power. The single cylinder engine is relatively compact and basic, but needs extra flywheel effect compared to engines that include multiple cylinders. The single cylinder consists of four valves. The displacement for the Arctic Cat Bearcat 454 is 27.74 cubic inches. The engine's displacement refers to its total cylinder volume. The ATV has a manual, auto-clutch five-speed transmission. The throttle is cable operated. The bore times stroke is 3.31 inches by 3.23 inches.


Both the front and the rear brakes of the Arctic Cat Bearcat 454 are hydraulic disc brakes, which are responsible for halting and slowing down the wheel rotation. The disc brakes include single lever control.


The Arctic Cat Bearcat 454's front tires have a pressure of 0.02 PSI. The rear tire pressure is exactly the same.


The Arctic Cat Bearcat 454 has a ground clearance of 9.2 inches. The wheelbase of the 4-by-4 is 50 inches. Wheelbase measures the full distance from the middle of the Bearcat 454's front wheel to the middle of the rear wheel.

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