Suzuki LT 125 Specifications

by Breann Kanobi
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Suzuki, a Japanese manufacturer, designed it's first vehicle in 1952. This vehicle was a motorized bicycle that could be used for riding around the city or racing on dirt tracks. As of December 2010 Suzuki manufactures both off-road vehicles and automobiles. The LT 125 is one of the company's motorbikes and was manufactured in the early 1980s.


The two-stroke one-cylinder engine has a displacement of 124 cubic centimeters. The bore by stroke is 54 by 54.4 mm. When the exterior valve is closed, the compression ratio is 9.9 to 1. When the valve is open, the compression ratio is 8.3 to 1. The bike has a six-speed transmission. The CDI ignition is electronic. The vehicle has a fuel capacity of two gallons.


At 84 inches long, 33 inches wide and 50 inches tall, the bike is of a moderate size. The wheelbase is 57 inches and the seat height is 37 inches. The bike clears the ground with 14 inches of space. The bike weights 192 lbs and can contain riders weighing up to around 250 lbs.


Both the front and wheel tires contain disc breaks. The front wheel uses a telescopic, coil spring and oil damped suspension while the rear wheel uses a swing arm, link type suspension. Both tires are tube tires.

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