How to Stud Used Tires

by Jennifer Patterson
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Tire studs — small metal studs inserted into tires — provide traction for cars, trucks and other vehicles while driving in ice or snow. The studs typically incorporate an extremely hard metal called tungsten carbide. When installing studs on used snow tires with pre-drilled holes for studs, take the size of the studs into consideration. Do not use studded tires in non-winter months, due to the damage they can cause to pavement.

Step 1

Place the used tires on a flat surface. Lubricate the pre-drilled holes for the studs using soapy water, which will make the installation smoother. Pour 1 cup of soapy water into a spray bottle, then spray each hole before installing the stud.

Step 2

Place the tip of the stud gun in alignment with the stud hole on the used tire.

Step 3

Firmly press down and squeeze the trigger for the stud gun to release and insert the stud. Check to ensure that you have inserted the studs straight into the holes in the tire. Repeat the steps until you have completely studded all the tires.

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