How to Strip Paint From a Corvette

by Tip Tam

The Chevy Corvette is an American-made muscle car, with its sleek look and amount of horsepower to make any driver sweat. Investing in a project, such as stripping the paint after obtaining a Corvette, is a great deal for any avid car lover. You will need to remove the previous paint in order to restore your car to the desired color. With a little tenderness, love and care, your Corvette will look stunning once it's properly painted again.

Remove any debris and clear out the area where you will be working. Lay out the plastic sheets or old bed sheets to prevent any mess.

Using a damp sponge, clean off any excess dirt or dust on the Corvette's surface. Take a soft cloth to remove any water that could remain on the car's body.

Take a painter's brush and apply an even layer of strip paint remover to the entire Corvette surface. Wait an hour for the remover to set in.

Place the plastic scraper onto the car's surface and gently apply pressure in a 45 degree angle. Begin to scrape off the paint that remains on the exterior.

Apply another full layer of strip paint remover and let it sit for an hour to set in as well. Use a stiff, bristled painter's brush to graze the entire Corvette's surface to remove any leftover paint. Wait another hour for it to set in.

Take a soft cloth and gently brush off any excess paint that may have peeled on the surface.

Apply a layer of paint stripper after wash and use a sponge to scrub off anything left to ensure there is no previous paint remaining.


  • check If the weather permits, this activity is best suited for outdoors or in a well lit and ventilated garage area.


  • close Wear goggles and gloves when dealing with the strip paint remover and paint stripper after wash to protect your skin and eyes from any contact.

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