How to Stop Rust Forever

by Greyson Ferguson

Cars and other automotive devices have a tendency to rust after a few years, especially if you live in areas that experience snow throughout the winter. The rust spots not only devalue your automobile but can weaken the strength of the car's frame. In order to keep your car from rusting or stop your car's rusting, there are several techniques you can use.

Keep the door joints and any other area around the frame of the car that moves (except the brake discs) well lubricated with WD-40. This prevents rusting and keeps them functioning properly (it also removes any annoying squeaking you have when opening the doors).

Wash your car weekly if possible. Excess dirt and grime can cause your car to rust. Use a wax solution on your car when you wash. This adds a protective barrier against debris that can cause rust.

Remove snow and ice from the car on a daily basis. Snow that sits on a car for an excessive amount of time can cause water damage and rust.

Keep your car out of heated garages during the winter time. If there is snow and ice on the car when you pull in, the heat melts it and the water and salt can cause rust to develop on the underside of the car.

Gently sand off any rust you see on the car. Cover the sanded area with paint to help keep the rusted areas from spreading.

Spray your car with a rust sealant. This protects your car from possible rust and deflects water build up. Rust proofing sprays can be purchased for under ten dollars a can at most local automotive shops.

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