How to Stop Leaf Spring Noise

by Allen Moore

Leaf springs are the long, thin springs stacked on top of each another to support the rear axle (and sometimes front axle) of your vehicle. Leaf springs do not resemble coil springs, but actually look more like three to six metal hammocks laid one upon another. As your vehicle goes over irregularities in the pavement, the leaf springs minimize the jolt transference to the chassis. Sometimes, dirt or moisture can build up between the leaf springs, causing them to squeak, groan or moan when you hit a bump. While this can be annoying, it's not overly detrimental to the vehicle.

Step 1

Clean the leaf springs with a pressure washer, thoroughly spraying the area where the springs meet. If you don't have a professional pressure washer, use the pressure hose at your local coin-operated car wash.

Step 2

Lift the rear of your vehicle with a floor jack high enough for you to place a jack stand under the rear frame on each side. Place a jack stand under the frame on each side; do not put the stands under the rear axle or the leaf spring as you want the rear axle to hang down as far as possible. Set the vehicle onto the jack stands with the floor jack.

Step 3

Apply a thin layer of white lithium grease between each of the leaves in the left and right leaf springs with a small paint brush. Look for color variations in the leaves themselves to see where the leaf springs contact each other.

Step 4

Spray several quick bursts of silicone spray lubricant into the leaf spring bushings, at the end of each spring.

Step 5

Lift the vehicle off the jack stands with the floor jack. Move the jack stands aside and lower the vehicle to the ground with the floor jack. Drive the vehicle for several miles to work the lubricant into the springs and bushings, which should bring an end to the noise.

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