How to Adjust a Torsion Bar on a Dodge Dakota

by Chris Moore

A Dodge Dakota with four wheel drive uses a torsion bar suspension system, and you can adjust the torsion bar through its adjuster bolt. Adjusting the bar is a very precise task, as the Dakota's suspension needs to be level on both sides and set to a specific ride height. It is likely, however, that you'll need to adjust the bar if for any reason you removed and then replaced/reinstalled it. This adjustment procedure can vary depending on the exact year of the truck.

Step 1

Drive the truck back and forth multiple times to settle the suspension. This is especially needed if you just replaced the torsion bar.

Step 2

Loosen or tighten the torsion bar adjustment bolt on the swivel using a wrench or ratchet and socket.

Step 3

Roll the truck back and forth, gripping it by the front end, to stabilize the suspension once again.

Step 4

Measure the truck's ride height from the frame to the ground, placing your measuring tool at equidistant spots at each side of the truck. The ride height needs to be the same at each side.

Step 5

Turn the adjuster bolt again as needed until the truck is level on both sides. Remember to roll the truck back and forth after every adjustment, as you need the suspension stable for a truly accurate reading.

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