How to Stop Exhaust Vibrations

by Skip Shelton
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Internal combustion engines produce exhaust gases in uneven flows. As a result of the pulsing production of exhaust gases through the exhaust system, vibration is transferred to the vehicle. Exhaust vibration is produced through sound vibration and mechanical vibration. While complete removal of these vibrations is not possible as along as the engine is running, significant reductions can be made to allow the vehicle cabin occupants to ride it relative comfort.

Step 1

Install a resonated exhaust tip. Resonated exhaust tips are lined with a sound-dampening material, such as fiberglass, to reduce the overall noise profile of the exhaust system.

Step 2

Install a sound-dampening hood liner. Because the exhaust gases are produced at the engine, much of the initial vibration of the exhaust system can be produced under the hood. Dampening the sound waves in the engine compartment may reduce the overall vibrations felt in the cabin.

Step 3

Install sound-dampening mats or material in the cabin of your vehicle. Remove the interior contents to expose the bare metal. This includes seating, carpeting, padding, upholstery, ceiling material and trims. Once the bare metal is exposed, install the sound-dampening material against the bare metal according to manufacturer instructions. Replace the interior.

Step 4

Replace any welded exhaust pipe and muffler hangers with rubber-ended hangers which suspend the exhaust system. Professional installation may be required, such as at your local muffler shop. Exhaust systems that are freely hanging, as opposed to welded directly to the vehicle, will transfer far less vibration to the vehicle.

Step 5

Replace your muffler. The primary producer of exhaust system noise and vibration is the muffler. Install a muffler designed to reduce sound. Mufflers with multiple chambers and lined with sound-dampening material can significantly reduce vibration and noise levels produced by the exhaust system.

Step 6

Repair any exhaust leaks. Exhaust leaks will not only increase the noise level of the exhaust system, but may also cause the surrounding metal to vibrate.

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