How to Reduce Road Noise on a Honda Element

by Asad Mohammad
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The Honda Element is a crossover SUV developed and sold by Honda since 2002. Its design is based on the Honda CRV, which is another mid-sized SUV in Honda's fleet of automobiles. Reducing the outside noise on the Honda Element is a relatively simple process and can be completed in a number of ways.

Step 1

Install new tires. Tires that are old or worn out will transmit sound through the vehicle's body much easier because the tread patterns have experienced wear and tear.

Step 2

Install a sound deadening material in the hood of the car. This will lower the transmission of engine sounds. Additionally you can replace car seats with this material and it will dampen ambient road noise. A common example of a sound deadening material is called Dynamat.

Step 3

Apply insulation sheets to the side panels and floor boards. These sheets will also dampen any ambient noise and reduce rattling sounds and vibrations. A key point to know is that adding multiple insulation sheets will have an additive effect.

Step 4

Apply foam spray to the crevices and door panels of your vehicle. Foam sprays usually come in aerosol cans and they both absorb and disperse energy. This will directly dampen any outside noise that is transmitted through the vehicle's body.

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