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Stock Specifications for a 1987 K5 Blazer

by Matt Koble

Chevrolet entered the 4x4 market in 1969 with their Chevy Blazer K5. Discontinued in 1991, the Blazer K5 is an early example of an SUV. Reviewing the technical specifications of the 1987 Blazer K5 will give you a better idea of the truck's physical characteristics and mechanical capabilities.

Engine Specifications

The 1987 Chevrolet Blazer K5 came standard with an overhead-valve, eight-cylinder engine. The stock engine featured a 350 cubic-inch displacement with 210 horsepower at 4,000 rpm. The 1987 Blazer K5 was released with the option for a larger engine: an OHV eight-cylinder diesel engine. This 379-cubic-inch engine gets 130 or 148 horsepower -- depending on configuration -- at 3,600 rpm.

Physical Specifications

In 1987, Chevrolet produced 32,437 Blazer K5s, which had a manufacturer suggested retail price of $13,066. Weighing 4,379 pounds, the 1987 Blazer K5 featured a 106.5-inch wheelbase. The vehicle was 184.8 inches long and 73.4 inches tall. Depending on the engine, the Blazer K5 either had a 24.83-gallon fuel tank or a 31-gallon tank.

Axle and Transmission

Both axles are GM Corporate 10-bolt axles. The 1987 K5 features an SM465 four-speed manual transmission with a 6.55-to-1 first gear ratio. The Blazer K5 came with optional automatic, which used a TH700-R4 transmission with a 3.06-to-1 first gear aspect ratio. The truck features an NP208 transfer case with a 2.61-to-1 low range ratio.

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