Starter Removal for a Mercedes 320

by Nathaniel Miller

The quality of the Mercedes 320 is evident in its construction and features; however, over time even small things on this car can go bad. One such item is the starter, which is the device that kicks in and turns the engine over to start the vehicle. If the starter is bad, then there really is no good way to start the vehicle up. In the event that your starter has gone bad, it is possible to remove it at home in preparation for the reinstall.

Car Preparation

Prepare the car for the removal of the starter. Park on a level area with plenty of space to work, away from traffic. Engage the parking brake and use a car jack to jack up the front of the Mercedes and place the frame on jack stands to solidly support the vehicle. Disconnect the battery cables from the battery using a crescent wrench and set them aside to assure that no power is provided to the starter while you are working on it.

Disconnect Surrounding Frame Supports

Disconnect and remove the frame supports and other obstructions that are in the way of accessing the starter. Locate each of the frame supports and shrouds that are located directly below the starter and use a socket wrench to remove the bolts in the frame support. Remove the support and then do the same for each of the shrouds surrounding the starter. Make sure that all hoses and fuel lines are out of the way as well.

Remove Starter

Remove the starter from its mounted location. Use a crescent wrench to remove the electrical connecting wires from the starter housing and the solenoid. Pay careful attention to how the wires are hooked up, because if they are mixed up they can cause a fire in the electrical system of your Mercedes. Use a socket wrench to remove the mounting bolts on either side of the starter. Depending on the year of your Mercedes, there may be two or three mounting bolts to remove. Once removed, simply slip the starter down out of the transmission housing for inspection and/or replacement.


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