How to Start a Dead Battery With Aspirin

by Richard Toole

Few things in life give you that sick to your stomach feeling as when you turn the car key in the ignition--and nothing happens. A dead battery can really put a damper on your day! But, before you call the tow truck or someone to come get you, there's a nifty little trick that just may allow you to start your car one more time. This will get help you get to the auto parts store and get a new battery.

Opening the battery and using the aspirin

Open your hood and check whether or not you need to remove the connectors to open the battery. You may not have to take the cables off, so check it out first.

Pop the top of the battery cell off with your fingers or a screw driver.

Drop two aspirin down into the battery. The chemical reaction should give you enough juice for one more start-up.

Put the top back on the battery and start the car immediately, don't wait around!


  • check Make sure you don't remove the cables--unless you have to--to open the battery top.


  • close Do not get battery acid on yourself, it will burn your skin!

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