How to Start a Car With a Frozen Gas Line

by Maggie McCormick
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If the temperature has dropped and you cannot start your car, there's a good chance that your gas line is frozen. This happens when there is condensation in your gas tank and it gets into the fuel line--usually during times when the days are warm and the night time temperature drops below freezing. To fix this, you need to somehow warm the car up in order to melt the ice.

Step 1

Use a hair dryer to heat the fuel line. If you know enough about cars to locate the fuel line, aim a hair dryer at it until the ice melts. Use the high-heat setting.

Step 2

Heat the whole car. Bring your car into the garage and place space heaters pointing at the engine. Another way to do this is to cover the car with a large tarp and put heaters under the tarp so that you are only heating a small area.

Step 3

Tow the car to a heated garage. As the car warms up, you'll be able to heat it.

Step 4

Wait until the weather warms up. If you can, simply wait until the weather is a bit warmer and then try to start your car again. You may be able to start it just by waiting until the afternoon.

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